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My Quick Take on the Twitter-LinkedIn Deal

Anyone who talks to me a lot about Twitter knows that I often mention LinkedIn during those conversations. Why? It’s a storehouse of Rolodex information from high-income, business-oriented Internet users who know enough to be there but often have some trepidation about “social media” at the bleeding edge like Twitter and Facebook. And those are precisely the kind of users that Twitter needs to attract in order to grow and stave off competition.

Well, tonight Twitter and LinkedIn will announce a deal, according to ReadWriteWeb. It will allow people from LinkedIn to post to Twitter and vice versa, basically. I don’t know what exactly LinkedIn gets out of it – perhaps it’s just a maneuver to seem more hip and stay relevant. But from Twitter’s point of view, this seems like an obvious move to me. They effectively get tens of millions of novel users in a strategically important demographic.

If Twitter’s goal is to become communications infrastructure, and their strategy is to build a huge, dependent user base, then a deal with LinkedIn appears to be a prudent tactic.

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