Note: These are pre-Microsoft publications, ending Jan. 2010.

Mark Drapeau’s New Job: Corporate Public Diplomacy via Innovative Social Engagement (January 2010)

Government 2.0, Meet Citizen 2.0 Federal Computer Week (January 2010)

I’m On a Boat: The Motherf*cking Navy Version Mediaite (January 2010)

What Company Will Be the eHarmony of Microblogging? O’Reilly Radar (January 2010)

Cheeky Tastings: “Gary Vaynerchuk” Justin Loves Food (December 2009)

Government 2.0: Five Predictions for 2010-12 O’Reilly Radar (December 2009)

Government 2.0: From the Goverati Adhocracy to Government With the People State of the eUnion: Government in the 21st Century (J. Gotze and C. B. Pedersen, eds.) (Full book in PDF: November 2009)

Watching the Retweeted Get Retweeted-er: Power User Secret Retweetist Love O’Reilly Radar (November 2009)

What Does Innovative Social Engagement Look Like For Businesses and Governments? O’Reilly Radar (November 2009)

Cheeky Tastings: “The Grille” Justin Loves Food (November 2009)

Cheeky Tastings: “French Roast” Justin Loves Food (November 2009)

Quarantined Conferences: Claustrophobic Technophiles or Attentive Audiences? O’Reilly Radar (November 2009)

Cheeky Tastings: “Papa Burgundy” Justin Loves Food (November 2009)

The Emerging Twitter List Arms Race Mediaite (October 2009) O’Reilly Radar (October 2009)

Diplomacy 2.0: Connecting to a global audience one tweet at a time Washington Life (October 2009)

Putting the Public Back in Public Relations: Crooked Monkey Style PR 2.0 (October 2009)

Five-Minute Citizen Engagement Plan Federal Computer Week (October 2009)

Why Posterous Is a Smart Tool For Informal Government Blogging O’Reilly Radar (October 2009)

Social Networking is the Means to Achieve Workplace Collaboration O’Reilly Radar (October 2009)

Government Ambassadors for Citizen Engagement O’Reilly Radar (October 2009)

Should Obama Loan the Peace Prize to Twitter? True/Slant (October 2009) Mediaite (October 2009)

I Unleash My Journalism Students To Critique Newsweek’s Daniel Lyons True/Slant (October 2009)

Breaking the News: One man’s perspective on how social media disrupts journalism Byline (2009, pp. 30-33)

Fallacious Celebrations of Facebook Fans O’Reilly Radar (September 2009) PR 2.0 (September 2009)

Proactive Social Media: Filling the Information Space With Great Content PR 2.0 (September 2009)

Intelligently Filtering Journalists’ (Crowd)Sources Wikinomics Blog (September 2009)

Top five ways to think about Gov 2.0 Federal Computer Week (September 2009)

Social sharing has national security role Federal Times (Aug 24, 2009; p. 23)

Social Media Bans Miss the Mark Federal Computer Week (August 2009)

Life Sciences Fighting Chance: Global Trends and Shocks in the National Security Environment (chapter) NDU Press and Potomac Books (August 2009) (book cover)

Where’s the White House Highlight Reel? True/Slant (August 2009)

Making Whuffie With Julia Allison PR 2.0 (August 2009)

The Government Blocks Twitter No It Doesn’t O’Reilly Radar (July 2009)

Hot, Flat, and Shrouded: Global Diplomacy Materializes from Decentralized Social Media Washington Life (Summer 2009)

First Impressions: Why Would Somebody Want to be VP of Social Media at Ketchum? True/Slant (July 2009)

Trust, But Verify, Web 2.0 Sources Federal Computer Week (July 2009)

Bantamweight Publishing in an Easily Plagiarized World O’Reilly Radar (July 2009) True/Slant (July 2009)

Celebrate the “Summer of Gov” in Washington, DC and San Francisco (July 2009)

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bot O’Reilly Radar (July 2009) Mediaite (July 2009)

Politicians approached for old media interviews through new media channels (July 2009)

Sarah Palin’s online personal branding problems continue as her Twitter handle looks outdated (July 2009)

Sarah Palin’s Online Personal Branding True/Slant (July 2009)

Chuck Todd Scolded by Obama at Press Conference, But Who’ll Have the Last Laugh? True/Slant (June 2009)

Don’t Twitter Away Your Political Career! True/Slant (June 2009)

Don’t tweet away your political career by accident (June 2009)

Conservative Magazines Versus the Republicans True/Slant (June 2009)

Authority versus debate as dueling conservative magazine online strategies (June 2009)

Benefits of information sharing outweigh vulnerabilities Federal Computer Week (June 2009)

How the Iranian Elections Turned “CNN Fail” Into a Media Success True/Slant (June 2009)

How online word of mouth can change mainstream media election coverage (June 2009)

GovLoop is an award-winning informal Facebook for government (June 2009)

Twitter to verify accounts for politicians, agencies, and other celebrities (June 2009)

Twitter is Not a Conversational Platform O’Reilly Radar (June 2009)

Are Your Voters Hip Enough To Use the Hottest Online Social Networks? True/Slant (June 2009)

Verified Microblogging Insurance for Microcelebs True/Slant (June 2009)

Geeks Invade Government With Audacious Goals O’Reilly Radar (May 2009)

Gerard Butler to Star in Sequel to 300 True/Slant (May 2009) (satire)

Social Media: The Nouveaux Geeks Washington Life (May 2009, p. 39)

Reviving the Reality Entertainment Genre True/Slant (May 2009)

Public Affairs Efforts Can Borrow From Nimble Jazz Music Federal Computer Week (May 2009)

Press Release Blast During Media Dinner True/Slant (May 2009) (satire)

Geese Testify About US Airways Flight 1549 True/Slant (May 2009) (satire)

Teenager Buys Twitter With Allowance True/Slant (May 2009) (satire)

Social Software and National Security: An Initial Net Assessment Defense and Technology Paper #61 (April 2009)

The Upside of Swine Flu True/Slant (April 2009)

Web 2.0 Best Practices Already Surface Federal Computer Week (April 2009)

Twitter Adds ‘Poking’ to Trump Facebook True/Slant (April 2009) (satire)

Gossip Girl and the Bonfire of the Pieties True/Slant (April 2009)

Twitter is the New ‘George Bush’ True/Slant (April 2009)

U.S. Army Declares War on Ashton Kutcher True/Slant (April 2009)

Michael Phelps: “It was oregano” True/Slant (April 2009) (satire)

Snapshot: Online Dating Site Popularity True/Slant (April 2009)

Government 2.0: The Midlife Crisis ReadWriteWeb (Mar 2009)

Weathering the Storm: Leading Your Organization Through a Pandemic Flu Event National Defense University (Feb 2009)

The Rise of the Goverati Federal Computer Week (Feb 2009)

Government 2.0: The Rise of the Goverati ReadWriteWeb (Feb 2009)

What is Twitter’s Vision? Mashable (Feb 2009)

Who are the Brand Ambassadors? Federal Computer Week (Jan 2009)

How Social Media Could Transform Government Public Relations PBS MediaShift (Jan 2009) Online Marketing for Marketers (May 2009)

Technology and Government Transparency Politics Online (Dec 2008)

How to Win Friends and Twinfluence People Mashable (Dec 2008)

Do Brands Belong on Twitter? Mashable (Dec 2008)

The Post-Geekdominant Twitterverse (Dec 2008)

Rebranding Government 2.0 Mashable (Dec 2008)

Government 2.0: Rename Me, Please Mashable (Nov 2008)

Presidential Transition 2.0: How to Use New Social Media TechPresident (Nov 2008)

The Oval Office Facebook Group Science Progress (Nov 2008)

Government 2.0: The Presidential Transition Mashable (Nov 2008)

Government 2.0: Ask What You Can Hack For Your Country Mashable (Oct 2008)

How to Execute (Against) Your Resume Mashable (Oct 2008)

Government 2.0: Crowdsourced Beltway Pandits Mashable (Oct 2008)

Government 2.0: NASA CoLab-oration Mashable (Oct 2008)

Government 2.0: Where’s the Urgency? Mashable (Oct 2008)

Government 2.0: Intelligence Renaissance Networks Mashable (Sept 2008)

Will New Media Save Television Ads? Mashable (Sept 2008)

Government 2.0: What’s Your Brand? Mashable (Sept 2008)

Eye or Pie in the Sky? Grand Central Political Magazine (Aug 2008)

Government 2.0: Being Individually Empowerful Mashable (Aug 2008)

Government 2.0: A Theory of Social Government Mashable (Aug 2008)

Government 2.0: An Insider’s Perspective Mashable (Aug 2008)

Human Disease Cannot Be Eradicated Grand Central Political Magazine (July 2008)

Ecological Models and Counterinsurgency Operations Defense Horizons (Feb 2008)

A Microscopic Insurgent The New York Times (Dec 2007)

Weathering the Storm (Oct 2007)

Nerds on Film (Sept 2007)

Terrorism Business Management (Sept 2007)

Fishing for Terrorist Starfish The Washington Times (July 2007)

Culture, Conflict, and…Climate? Science (June 2007) (reprint)

Beyond the Hospital: Science Policy, National Security, and Pandemic Readiness (May 2007)

Climate of Subtle Conflict The Washington Times (Apr 2007)

Evolution of theYellow/Major Royal Jelly Protein family and the emergence of social behavior in honeybees Genome Research (Oct 2006)

Insights into social insects from the genome of the honeybee Apis mellifera Nature (Oct 2006)

Tunnel vision: What happens to bioscience trainees? BioScience (Aug 2006)

Human disease cannot be eradicated Philica Medicine (July 2006)

Non-coincidental pleiotropy of pigmentation, brain, and behavior and its evolution Philica Neuro (July 2006)

A Science Lobby for Stem Cells in Midterm Elections? (July 2006)

FRU does not regulate yellow in fly pigmented cells Philica Bio (June 2006)

Fly flight inhibition by misexpression of a FRU isoform Philica Bio (June 2006)

Lack of Scientific Dabbling in Politics and Media (June 2006)

A cis-regulatory Sequence Within the yellow Locus of Drosophila melanogaster Required for Normal Male Mating Success Genetics (Feb 2006)

A new model for circadian clock research? Molecular Systems Biology (June 2005)

A novel hypothesis on the biochemical role of the Drosophila Yellow protein BBRC (Sept 2003)

The role of the yellow gene in Drosophila melanogaster sexual differentiation (June 2003) (Ph.D. dissertation)

Statistical tests of demographic heterogenity theories Experimental Gerontology (April 2003)

A gene necessary for normal male courtship, yellow, acts downstream of fruitless in the Drosophila melanogaster larval brain Journal of Neurobiology (Jan 2003)

Bioinformatics and Cytogenetics of Unusual Drosophila Melanogaster X-Chromosome Morphology DNA Sequence (2002)

Evolution of late-life mortality in Drosophila melanogaster Evolution (Oct 2002)

Empirically Testing Heterogenity Theories of Mortality Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine (Aug 2002)

Immunohistochemical colocalization of Yellow and male-specific Fruitless in Drosophila melanogaster neuroblasts BBRC (May 2002)

The Family of Yellow-Related Drosophila melanogaster Proteins BBRC (March 2002)

Beyond heritability: The future of behavioral genetics Trends in Genetics (Oct 2001)

Free Web Access The Scientist (July 2001)

Repeated mating in a lek-mating insect, Drosophila melanogaster Drosophila Information Service (2001)

Genotype-by-environment interaction and the Dobzhansky-Muller model of postzygotic isolation Journal of Evolutionary Biology (May 2001)

An auditory-deficient double mutant in Drosophila melanogaster Drosophila Information Service (July 2000)

Supplying Food Vials With Paper (a.k.a. Satirical Ode to H.J. Muller) Drosophila Information Service (July 2000)

The Copulatron, a Multi-Chamber Apparatus for Observing Courtship Behaviors Drosophila Information Service (July 2000)

Intraspecific variation in sexual isolation in the jewel wasp Nasonia Evolution (Apr 2000)

Testing the heterogenity theory of late-life mortaility plateaus by using cohorts of Drosophila melanogaster Experimental Gerontology (Feb 2000)

At the Water’s Edge: Macroevolution and the Transformation of Life (book review) The American Biology Teacher (Jan 2000)

Local mating and sex ratios Trends in Ecology and Evolution (June 1999)

Further Origin of Species (book review) American Scientist (May 1999)

Molecule Talk (book review) American Scientist (March 1999)

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Influential Passengers: Inherited Microorganisms and Arthropod Reproduction (book review) Journal of College Science Teaching (1998)

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