Media Coverage

Below is a fairly complete list of television, radio, print, and online interviews I’ve done in reverse chronological order, with links where possible. This list also includes media coverage of professional activities which were completely or primarily driven by me.

Highlights include: Appearing on CNN’s The Situation Room to discuss the use of Pinterest in political races, coverage of Geek 2 Chic: Los Angeles by Vanity Fair, a piece about Geek 2 Chic: DC and geek influence on fashion by BBC television, Fast Company Co.Exist’s story about Microsoft’s “National Piggy Bank” project, NBC Washington’s interview about the launch of Microsoft’s digital magazine Publicyte, my interviews on Comcast’s Hometown Network and TechCrunch TV about Geek 2 Chic: San Francisco, and a story in Tech Bisnow about our gigantic Entreprelooza! party that raised $12,000 for charity.


2014 Young and the Guest List Washington Life (February 11, 2014) (list – print + digital)

Washington Business Report with Rebecca Cooper WJLA (ABC affiliate, Washington, DC) (November 17th, 2013) (10 min. TV interview)

Microsoft and Bloomingdale’s Geek 2 Chic San Francisco Magazine (June 2013) (event coverage)

Rebooting the Runway at Geek 2 Chic SF Wire (June 12, 2013) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic San Francisco Chronicle (May 31, 2013) (event coverage – print + digital)

Recap: Geek 2 Chic Charity Fashion Show To Benefit Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship Miss A (May 28, 2013) (event coverage)

Microsoft Geek 2 Chic events transform techies into fashion models TWCN Tech News (May 26, 2013) (event coverage)

Runway Recap: Microsoft X Bloomingdale’s Geek 2 Chic San Francisco Digital Style Digest (May 23, 2013) (event coverage) [see also: Racked]

Inside Microsoft’s ‘Geek 2 Chic’ Fashion Show (May 22, 2013) (event coverage)

San Fran Techies Also Do Fashion Tech Bisnow (May 22, 2013) (event coverage)

Going Geek 2 Chic with Microsoft and Bloomingdale’s (May 21, 2012) (event coverage)

Geeks go chic at Bloomingdale’s fashion show and mixer Alphyn Industries blog (May 21, 2013) (event coverage)

Inside Microsoft’s ‘Geek 2 Chic’ Fashion Show, Where Tech Types Strike A Pose For Charity TechCrunch TV (May 20, 2014) (event coverage + online video interview)

Geek 2 Chic, NFTE Empowering The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs BizCloud (May 20, 2013) (event coverage + online video interview)

Silicon Valley’s technorati raise money for charity with Microsoft fashion hijinks The Official Microsoft Blog (May 16, 2013) (event coverage)

Mark Drapeau – Geek 2 Chic ‘Upside’ on Comcast Hometown Network (CHN) (May 15, 2013) (event pre-coverage – 5 min. TV interview)

Geek 2 Chic Fashion Show Racked (May 14, 2013) (event pre-coverage)

Geek 2 Chic hits the San Francisco Runway Pacific Punch (May 14, 2013) (event pre-coverage)

Tech’s Top Models Tell All for Fashion Microsoft Corporate Citizenship Blog (May 14, 2013) (event pre-coverage)

Corporate philanthropy: good for the soul — and your bottom line VentureBeat (May 13, 2013) (event preview)

1 Week, 3 Fashion & Tech Events (Plus, Parties) Digital Style Digest (May 11, 2013) (event pre-coverage)

Microsoft’s Geek 2 Chic San Francisco Charity Fashion Show To Benefit NFTE Miss A (May 10, 2013) (event pre-coverage)

Are Golf Tournaments Boring? Association and Nonprofit Bisnow (April 30, 2013) (event mention)

Stay Calm and Tweet On? 94.7 Fresh FM (CBS local, Washington, DC) (April 26, 2013) (quote)

2013 Young and the Guest List Washington Life (April 3, 2013) (list – print + digital)

3 Ways Tech Is Changing Washington (and One Way It Isn’t) Government Executive (February 28, 2013) (event coverage)

Best D.C. Fashion Moments of 2012 All Things Fashion DC (December 2012) (list)

Scene in DC: Beauty and the Geek (Geek 2 Chic Runway Event) DC Modern Luxury (December 2012, p. 120.) (event coverage – print)

Mark Drapeau’s Movember mustache move Federal Computer Week – FCW Insider (November 2, 2012) (humor, event photo)

Geeks Raise Funds For NFTE Association and Nonprofit Bisnow (November 2, 2012) (event coverage)

Our Ashley Boalch Reports From The Front Row Sip With Socialites (October 27, 2012) (event coverage)

Chic Geeks Bloomberg (October 26, 2012) (event coverage – digital)

DC Fashion Show Raises Money for Young Entrepreneurs RIA Novosti (October 26, 2012) (event coverage)

Third Annual Geek 2 Chic and Entreprelooza! After Party Guest of a Guest DC (October 26, 2012) (event coverage)

Do Geeks Get Fashion? Tech Bisnow (October 26, 2012) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic DC 2012 Social Lady Diaries (October 26, 2012) (event coverage)

DC’s Top Geeks Get A Fashion Makeover in Md. WUSA 9 (CBS affiliate, Washington, DC) (October 25, 2012) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic Charity Fashion Show Proves DC Tech Knows How To Dress InTheCapital (October 25, 2012) (event coverage)

Microsoft’s Geek 2 Chic fashion show a perfect fit for Washington students Fedscoop (October 25, 2012) (event coverage)

Getting Geeky NBC 4 / (October 25, 2012) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic’s Male “Models” on the Runway K Street Magazine (October 25, 2012) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic! The Scene Bisnow (October 25, 2012) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic! ADAmant About Beauty (October 24, 2012) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic: DC 2012 Sip With Socialites (October 22, 2012) (event pre-coverage)

Microsoft’s Geek 2 Chic Returns To Bloomingdale’s In Washington, DC To Benefit NFTE Miss A (October 18, 2012) (event pre-coverage)

Geek 2 Chic is BACK! / NBC 4 (NBC affiliate, Washington, DC) (October 4, 2012) (event pre-coverage)

Entreprelooza for America: Get Your Tickets Now Venture for America blog (September 20, 2012) (event pre-coverage)

Tomorrow Lab American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science (August 14, 2012) (1 min. interview “dedication”)

Geek 2 Chic Charity Fashion Show in Santa Monica Haute Living (May 16, 2012) (event coverage)

Tech ‘Geeks’ Strut for Budding Entrepreneurs (Santa Monica) (May 16, 2012) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic: LA “Geeks” Invade The Fashion Runway For A Great Cause Pacific Punch (May 15, 2012) (event coverage)

Photos: Tech Entrepreneurs Hit the Runway for a Charity Fashion Show Vanity Fair (May 11, 2013) (event coverage – digital)

Geek 2 Chic Takes Its Techie Catwalk To…Los Angeles! Glittarazzi (May 2, 2012) (event pre-coverage)

G’Town Entrepreneur Schmooze Tech Bisnow (April 24, 2012) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic: Coming to LA! Pacific Punch (April 22, 2012) (event pre-coverage)

ENTREPRELOOZA: A Celebration of Entrepreneurs Creating Jobs WUSA 9 (CBS affiliate, Washington, DC) (March 7, 2012) (event coverage)

Borders Converted to Entrepreneur Treehouse Tech Bisnow (March 7, 2012) (event coverage)

How to Grow Your Business in DC NBC 4 (NBC affiliate, Washington, DC) (March 3, 2012) (event pre-coverage)

Entreprelooza: Party Like a DC Innovator InTheCapital (February 28, 2012) (event pre-coverage)

Pinterest & Politics The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, CNN (February 23, 2012) (2 min. TV segment)

2012 Young and the Guest List Washington Life (February 21, 2012) (list – print + digital)

On The Scene: Model Tech DC Modern Luxury (January 2012, p. 28) (event coverage – print)

The Radar | Biz: Brand Slam! DC Modern Luxury (November 2011, p. 76) (Microsoft new DC office profile – print)

Electricity, ideas, and actions from the National Piggy Bank Summit Synteractive Ingenuity (November 18, 2011) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic on the Runway NBC 4 Washington (November 2011) (event coverage – digital)

Geek 2 Chic The Hill’s Washington Scene (November 2011) (event coverage – digital)

Geek 2 Chic Washington Post’s D.C. Street Style (November 2011) (event coverage – digital)

Being Geek Chic for a good cause T-shirt Factory Blog (November 18, 2011) (event coverage)

The National Piggy Bank: Microsoft Fixes the Government With Play Money Fast Co.Exist (Fast Company) (November 16, 2011) (news article)

Geek chic fashion trickles down into the mainstream BBC (November 15, 2011) (event coverage – 3.5 min. TV segment + digital)

Geek 2 Chic Fashion Show and L2 After Party Draws Fashionable Techies and Techie Fashionistas In Support Of NFTE Guest of a Guest DC (November 10, 2011) (event coverage)

Microsoft and Bloomingdale’s transform geeks into chics second year in a row DressHopper (November 10, 2011) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic: Nerds turned trendsetters NBC 4 / (November 9, 2011) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic DC Glittarazzi (November 8, 2011) (event coverage)

Tech-savvy style Washington Post’s DC Scout (November 2011) (event coverage – digital)

D.C. Capital Week tech titans to go from Geek 2 Chic as they strut for a cause Washington Post’s The Buzz (November 8, 2011) (event pre-coverage – digital)

What To Do Tonight: November 8 – Bloomingdale’s Geek 2 Chic fundraiser Washingtonian’s After Hours (November 8, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Chicago Entrepreneurs Rock Bloomingdale’s at Geek 2 Chic Fashion Show Lightspan Digital blog (November 7, 2011) (event coverage)

Recap: Chicago Geek 2 Chic Fundraising Event At Bloomingdale’s Miss A (November 4, 2011) (event coverage)

Microsoft Hosts Geek 2 Chic Fashion Show NBC 5 Chicago (November 3, 2011) (event coverage)

Chicago Tech Set Shows Off Best “Blue Steel” At Geek 2 Chic Chicago Tech Cocktail (November 2, 2011) (event coverage)

Geek 2 Chic Emilia’s Adventures (November 2, 2011) (event coverage)

See DC’s IT leaders go from Geek 2 Chic at Bloomingdale’s Chevy Chase (November 2, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

NFTE and Geek 2 Chic Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship blog (November 2, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Geek 2 Chic Charity Runway Show Stephen Style (November 1, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Geek 2 Chic: The Night Nerds Turn Hot NBC Washington (October 30, 2011) (event pre-coverage – 3 min. TV interview)

Geek 2 Chic…the night nerds turn hot NBC 4 / (October 20, 2011) (event pre-coverage – 3 min. TV interview)

“What’s on Dec” with Billy Dec, October 27- November 2 Windy City Live, ABC 7 Chicago (October 27, 2011) (event pre-coverage, online and TV)

Geek 2 Chic Comes To Chicago Featuring Our Very Own Tim Toomey! A Chicago Thing (October 27, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Pencil This In: Fashion Chicagoist (October 26, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Geek 2 Chic: High Tech Goes Haute Couture For Entrepreneurs Glittarazzi (October 20, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Geek 2 Chic back again! NBC 4 / (October 18, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Geek 2 Chic Chicago – November 2nd Tech Cocktail (October 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Geek 2 Chic Fashion Show is Back November 8! Guest of a Guest DC (October 12, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Q&A: Microsoft’s Dr. Mark Drapeau Talks Social Media Glittarazzi (October 11, 2011) (event pre-coverage + interview)

Geek 2 Chic Fundraising Event At Bloomingdale’s In Chicago Miss A (October 7, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

How do you engage with influencers and build loyalty to your brand online? Tech Image Public Relations blog (September 2011) (interview)

Microsoft launches Publicyte website Neowin (June 26, 2011) (event coverage)

Microsoft Launches Public Sector Magazine PC World,, and others (IDG News Service) (June 24, 2011) (event coverage)

Life of the Party: Microsoft launches Publicyte Washington Life (June 24, 2011) (event coverage)

Publicyte Launches at L2 with Editor-in-Chief Dr. Mark Drapeau Pamela’s Punch (June 24, 2011) (event coverage)

Publicyte Launches at L2 Lounge With Microsoft’s Mark Drapeau Guest of a Guest DC (June 23, 2011) (event coverage)

Publicyte Launch Party: Microsoft Debuts New Digital Magazine in Style WUSA 9 (CBS affiliate, Washington, DC) (June 23, 2011) (event coverage + video interview)

Microsoft Puts Spotlight on Civic Innovation; Dr. Mark Drapeau Helms Software Giant’s Latest Magazine Launch (June 22, 2011) (event coverage)

Publicyte: “A little bit of Vanity Fair, a little bit of Wired” K Street Magazine (June 22, 2011) (event coverage + video interview) (related: NBC Washington and MSN video)

Microsoft’s Publicyte Launches With Party in Georgetown (Georgetown) (June 22, 2011) (event coverage)

The Buzz Hears… Washington Post, Capital Business (June 19, 2011) (event pre-coverage)

Mark Drapeau Interview: Director of Innovative Engagement at Microsoft J.D. Kathuria’s blog (March 17, 2011) (interview)

Scene In DC: Revenge of the Nerds (Microsoft’s Geek 2 Chic at Bloomingdale’s) DC Modern Luxury (December 2010, p. 100) (event coverage – print)

‘Geek 2 Chic’ rocks the Bloomies house Glittarazi (October 14, 2010) (event coverage)

Tonight: Bloomies + Microsoft = G2C Glittarazi (October 13, 2010) (event pre-coverage)

Geek 2 Chic Affair At Bloomingdale’s Washington Examiner (October 4, 2010) (event pre-coverage)

Even With Social Media, It’s the Message That Matters Most The Foundation Center blog (July 19, 2010) (blog post re: talk I gave)

Loco about location? Or just plain crazy? AllThingsD (July 1, 2010) (shoutout re: my writing)

[Interview about Foursquare with Megan Hughes] CNN Newsource (service for 900 local TV news affiliates) (May 2010)

Society 2.0: Young Washington Checks In Washington Life (March 18, 2010) (interview/quote)

2011 The Young and the Guest List Washington Life (March 9, 2011) (list – print + digital)

2010 The Young and the Guest List Washington Life (February 19, 2010) (list – print + digital)

Microsoft’s New Public Diplomacy Master Storyteller The Imagination Age (January 25, 2010) (news coverage)

Mark Drapeau’s New Job: Corporate Public Diplomacy via Innovative Social Engagement (January 19, 2010) (blog post press release)

Information Technology and the Military The Kojo Nnamdi Show (Washington, DC, January 12, 2010) (1 hour group interview)

Think ‘Social’ When Using Social Media DoD Live (Washington, DC, December 22, 2009) (interview)

‘Citizen 2.0′ influence coming to your agency by 2012 Federal News Radio (Washington, DC, December 21, 2009) (10 min interview)

Gov 2.0 Hero: Mark Drapeau GovFresh TV (San Francisco, CA, December 14, 2009) (interview)

Gov 2.0 moves beyond ’social media’ – and why it’s more than semantics Dorobek Insider (Washington, DC, November 19, 2009) (event coverage)

Sweets and Tweets Tech Bisnow (Washington, DC, November 19, 2009) (event coverage)

A cheeky look at Gov 2.0: Questions for Mark Drapeau SmartBlog on Social Media (Washington, DC, November 16, 2009) (interview)

Mark Drapeau: An Interview Murray Newlands (November 12, 2009) (interview)

The Creative List: New Media Washington Life (November 9, 2009) (named one of Washington DC’s most creative new media thinkers)

From Bees to G-Men International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management (October 28, 2009) (interview)

Foodies Get Smug, Then Porn Valleywag (October 27, 2009) (featured tweet)

Greetings from ELC Tech Bisnow (October 26, 2009) (photo)

Mark Drapeau: Six ways to join the goverati ExecutiveBiz (October 13, 2009) (interview)

Government Aims For Cost, Security Benefits With Cloud Computing PBS Online Newshour (September 28, 2009) (quotation)

Getting Geeky With It: LIVE From the Gov 2.0 Summit’s Wilshire and Washington (September 9, 2009) (20 min interview)

How To Lobby Your ‘Friends’ and Enemies National Journal (September 8, 2009) (news article)

Preview: Gov 2.0 Summit Federal News Radio (September 4, 2009) (10 min interview)

100 Voices in 100 Days UK in the USA (British Embassy in Washington, DC) (September 1, 2009) (1 min interview)

Government IT Solutions Spotlight: Social Media Federal News Radio (August 18, 2009) (30 min interview)

The TSA’s Tweeting, But Not All Agencies Feel So Social NPR Weekend Edition (August 15, 2009) (5 min interview)

Are all Web 2.0 tools created equal? Federal News Radio (August 11, 2009) (10 min interview)

Adults Beat Teens at Twitter WUSA 9 News (August 6, 2009) (news interview)

When it comes to social media, the military is anything but uniform Stars and Stripes (August 6, 2009) (news article)

Gov 2.0 Meets O’Reilly Media Gov 2.o Radio (July 5, 2009) (podcast interview)

Why Did Sarah Palin Resign? Gawker by Foster Kamer (July 3, 2009) (citation)

Geeky Obama Intrigued by Pyramid-Building Aliens ValleyWag by Ryan Tate (June 4, 2009) (humorous mention)

Bloggers and Tweeters Sound Off on Kunda, Chopra Federal Computer Week (June 3, 2009) (news story)

Cybersecurity and Social Networking can Coexist Says Defense Dept. Study, National Defense Magazine (May 29, 2009) (news article)

The OhMyGov! Interview: Mark Drapeau, Gov 2.0 Impresario OhMyGov! (April 29, 2009) (interview)

Meet the Innovators: Social Media and Dr. Mark Drapeau Federal News Radio (April 27, 2009) (10 min interview)

Government 2.0 Camp and Beyond Federal News Radio (April 27, 2009) (1 hour interview)

Social Software and National Security: An Initial Net Assessment Personal Democracy Forum (April 19, 2009) (news article)

Paper Urges DOD Strategy for Web 2.0 Federal Computer Week (April 15, 2009) (news article)

Researchers say social media essential for national security NextGov (April 15, 2009) (news article)

Progress in Social Media in Government by Mark Drapeau, National Defense University Huffington Post (April 12, 2009) (news article)

Social Media and National Defense NextGov (April 10, 2009) (news article)

Framework for Broad Web 2.0 Thinking The Common Sense Web (April 10, 2009) (news article)

WTF? Military Web 2.0 Report Actually Makes Sense Wired (April 10, 2009) (news article)

Armed With Science Episode #9: Social Software and Security Pentagon Web Radio (April 1, 2009) (30 min podcast)

How to Win Followers, Gain Influence on Twitter National Journal (March 2009) (profile/review)

FOSE 2009 – Government 2.0: Evolution or Revolution ScienceLogic (March 2009) (event review)

Government chooses Kundraism Talkin’ Bout a Revolution (March 2009) (quotation)

Twinfluence is in the Eye of the Beholder Social Times (Feb 2009) (quotation)

Hoekstra denies online messaging compromised Middle East trip Nextgov (Feb 2009) (quotation)

Feds and YouTube close to reaching a deal to post video Nextgov (Feb 2009) (quotation)

Twitterville Notebook: Mark Drapeau Twitterville (Feb 2009) (interview/profile)

The Twitterati Are Totally Losing It ValleyWag (Feb 2009) (humor)

PR Sarah Evans at The Park on Fourteenth Nightlife PR (Feb 2009) (event/photos)

Dr. Mark Drapeau’s Article About Twitter Ask Miss A (Feb 2009) (profile)

Agencies Stuggling To Make Connections Online National Journal (Feb 2009) (quotation)

The Twitterati Have One of Those Days ValleyWag (Jan 2009) (humor)

Mark Drapeau is the Epitome of Government 2.0 AriWriter (Jan 2009) (profile)

Government 2.0 Camp is Happening! MiXT Media (Jan 2009) (event)

The Obama Administration Federal News Radio (Jan 2009) (radio interview)

White House Web Site: Window Into Obama’s Soul? National Public Radio (Jan 2009) (quotation)

Government’s Embrace of Social Networking Sunlight Foundation Blog (Jan 2009) (quotation)

Brands, social clutter, and the sundae Seth Godin’s Blog (Dec 2008) (shoutout)

DEBATE: Do Brands Belong on Twitter? (Dec 2008) (I cause a commotion)

The Geekiest List I’ve Ever Been On Ask Miss A (Dec 2008) (shoutout)

The Obama Transition Federal News Radio (Nov 2008) (radio interview)

Day 1 @ The Dept. of Gov’t 2.0 Bitstrips by Guhmshoo (Oct 2008) (humor/cartoon)

Hear Mark Drapeau on Government 2.0 The Buzz Bin (Aug 2008) (interview/profile)

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