Would You Sign a One-Year Twitter Contract?

In a new post, tech blogger Robert Scoble posits that media darling Twitter is under-hyped and underappreciated as a business tool.  He suggests that Twitter is worth $5 billion based on the idea of selling business analytics and other professional services to clients, and has numerous, somewhat-hidden advantages over competition like Facebook.

It’s an interesting post to read.  But while it’s true that nightclubs, salons, bike stores and many other small and medium businesses are “using Twitter” that doesn’t mean they’re using it well, or it’s a priority, or generating revenue or word of mouth. And it doesn’t mean they’ll still be using it in 2010, or 2011.

Think about your subscriptions to cable television or mobile phone service, where you pay $50, or $80, or $130 per month and often commit to a three-month, one-year, etc. contract with Comcast or some other company.  Will a large number of businesses be willing to pay $100 or so a month for business analytic services from Twitter, Inc?  The real question for a business in my mind is, Would you commit to a one-year, $1200 contract with Twitter??

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Maria Avgitidis Says:

    You bring up an excellent point, Mark. One cannot predict the future and thus we are unable to tell if this communication tool will be used in 2011. Could Twitter be a step stone to another yet-to-be-developed tool for broadcasting/ collaboration/ conversation? (What MySpace was to Facebook? )

    If we accept that there is a social media evolvement, as in any technology, paying for the service could have negative effects in terms of how people look for other sources to provide information and subsequently development. I think if you pay for something– you stick with it. Cable television providers– you pay for it, and if its okay, you’ll stick with it till your contract expiration, and consider switching after if you are not satisfied.

    Could paying for Twitter create a tech browse stall among those who subscribe?

  2. A.J. Pape Says:

    I would ask a different question:

    “How much would you pay to use Twitter monthly, with no binding contract?”

    I think your question unfairly biases the listener toward a negative response because the rate of change in this space is so much greater than in cable TV, basic cell phone connectivity, other other things we contract for.

    I would easily and joyfully pay $10-15 month as an individual non-business user, like I used to for Compuserve or Earthlink. (Yes, I was doing email back in 1990)

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